China Tricot Fusible Interfacing

Interfacing for bags
Product Name:
Interfacing for bags, cap lining, hard lining
Product Description:
Interfacing for bags is used for lining cloth inside curtain curtains, bag lining cloth, brim lining cloth, lining for shirt collar, making the cloth firm and stiff.
Product width: 112cm
Composition: T/C
Hot melt adhesive: PES

Adhesive conditions:
Temperature: 110°C-140°C, Time: 12-15sec, Pressure: 2-3kg/cm2
This cloth lining feature is resin, feel a bit harder and thicker, can be used for shirt collar lining, iron can also be directly hot, used on the fabric to make the clothing more stiff, with good wash performance, especially for polyester Fiber fabrics have strong adhesion and are used in polyester fabrics.China Tricot Fusible Interfacing